Three Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Own Success

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It’s remarkably easy to fall back into bad habits once you’ve made a change. Whether you’re consistently late making deadlines or constantly feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career, the truth is that a lot of your success or failure hinges on your ability to manage stress. Leaders who are able to manage stress effectively are… Read more »

What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Personal Accountability

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This week, much of the world has been tuned in to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s inspiring to watch athletes in peak physical condition compete with the very best on a global stage. The discipline, commitment, and hard work that goes into just a few moments every four years is beyond… Read more »

Making Good Behaviors into Successful Habits

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Just as we’ve all had bad days at work, we’ve all had good days. Think of days when everything actually went according to plan, when you felt tremendously effective and efficient. Was it just the universe aligning, or did you have a substantial impact on your own success? It’s probably the latter. Choosing effective behaviors… Read more »

Self-Esteem: The Key to Peak Performance

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Perhaps the most important part of the role that your psychology has in determining your performance and behavior is the impact of your self-esteem in determining everything that happens to you. Self-esteem is the critical determinant of a healthy personality. When you like and respect yourself, you always perform and behave better than if you did… Read more »

As Our Workplaces Become More Casual, Is Our Behavior Following Suit?

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In many workplaces today, “Casual Friday” has become “Casual Everyday.” Some companies have even begun a “Formal Friday” to target dressing professionally. Professional presence is vital to a company’s ability to get and keep clients. Poise, self-confidence and self-control make up professional presence. Here are tips from our “Professional Presence in a Casual World” program: Be Positive. A positive… Read more »

Find & Manage Your Conflict Style with the DiSC

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Your personality and communication style impact how you understand conflict. When you are aware of how you handle situations -and even more- how your colleagues handle conflict, you can flex communication and conflict management styles to make more effective choices when you when you encounter or witness conflict and ensure the best outcome. Many organizations… Read more »

Your Social Brand is a Career Tool

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Social media is transforming business as we know it. This applies to businesses large and small, and to brands – corporate and personal. At Employee Development Systems, Inc., helping employees of every generation raise their awareness of accountability and professionalism lie at the core of our mission. We’ve entered the age of influence. As it relates… Read more »

Two Rules to Create Peak Performance in Your Team

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As a leader, you probably already discovered that while your specialty skills provide a foundation for your career,  leadership skills come into play every.  How do you keep your employees motivated and enjoying their jobs every day? The Key to Creating Peak Performance at Work The key to creating an organization with employees, who willingly… Read more »

How Do You Express Your Presence?

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Your future -both professional and personal-depend on how you express your presence.  A professional presence will help you achieve many of your goals, i.e. getting that budget approved, being calm and poised during meetings, and becoming a charismatic good will ambassador for your office and your community.  Professionals that have a ‘presence’ are described as… Read more »