3 Things Strong Leaders Never Do

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The strength and effectiveness of an organization depend on team members at all levels, but these qualities start at the top. Strong leaders are in high demand! These people must motivate and inspire their teams but still maintain high expectations for performance. While it’s easy to find qualities that strong leaders share, some behaviors mean… Read more »

Inside the DiSC Dimensions: “I” is for Influence

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Welcome to our blog series, Inside the DiSC Dimensions! This series is designed to give readers an idea of what sort of results you might expect from taking the DISC assessment, either as part of an employee development program like Increasing Personal Effectiveness, or on your own for self-improvement in your work and personal life…. Read more »

Inside the DiSC Dimensions: D is for Dominance

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The DiSC assessment is one of the best ways that we can understand our unique personalities and motivations and those of the people with whom we interact. This detailed inventory reveals and explains four key personality traits, which it calls “dimensions.” According to the DiSC, personality styles are constructed by the “recipe” of these four traits… Read more »

Haven’t Tried the DiSC Assessment Yet? Here’s Why You Should.

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It’s no secret that we love and use the DISC assessment regularly in our development programs. DiSC provides a customized foundation for understanding ourselves and others–our motivations, our personalities, and ultimately our behaviors. There’s a very good reason why this assessment is standard in so many hiring processes and professional development programs worldwide. But if, in… Read more »

Best Business Research from 2016

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As 2016 comes to a close, we consider some interesting business research from publications and firms around the world. Business research allows the industry to better understand human and employee behavior, develop programming that increases productivity and performance, and improve workplace culture. Here’s the business research highlights we found: The positive impact of a “fun” workplace. A new… Read more »

4 Steps to Managing Difficult Personalities

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Conflict is a natural aspect of workplace dynamics, but it can quickly turn toxic if employees can’t find a way to work together. Managing difficult personalities in a way that is effective, compassionate, and respectful of differences is no easy task. Often, the source of ongoing discord isn’t a single situation but friction between personalities (either between peers… Read more »

A to C Blog Series: Making Changes Last

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In our “Adapting to Change” blog series, we’ve discussed all the important steps to bringing fundamental shifts to your organization. We’ve highlighted the importance of recognizing when there is a need for change, communicating the need for change and inspiring employees, maintaining momentum, and setting attainable benchmarks to induce progress. To close out our series, it’s time to… Read more »

A to C Blog Series: Keep the Fires Burning

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As anyone who has undergone a substantial transition knows, true adaptation is a marathon and not a sprint. If you’re facing a significant change within your organization, there will be good days and bad days. Some weeks will seem as if nothing is accomplished, and other weeks will follow where demands on your team’s energy will be at a fever… Read more »