Hiring Millennials? Here’s What You Should Know

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Almost everywhere we turn, we see complaints about the Millennial generation. Born between the mid ’80s and the late ’90s (though the exact time frame is up for some debate), this generation has been analyzed and criticized just as much as Generation X before them. Millennials have been labeled entitled, narcissistic, and sheltered. But are… Read more »

Research Uncovers the Secret to Productivity (Hint: We’ve been right all along!)

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Earlier this week we discussed soft skills and why employee development in these skills might be a good investment. Later this week, two articles reveal that focusing on productive communication, kindness, and “psychological safety” does, in fact, yield tangible results. This comes as no surprise to us, given the return on investment experienced by many clients… Read more »

Interested in Employee Training? 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

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Is your company looking for a new employee training program? Curious about investing in one for the first time? It’s wise to invest in employee training while things are going well rather than waiting for problems to arise. But employee development programs like Increasing Personal Effectiveness can help address issues like workplace dynamics, productivity, conflict, and management… Read more »

Increasing Personal Effectiveness: Worth the Investment?

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Is your company interested in employee development, but not sure about each program’s cost-effectiveness and ROI? You may be concerned about the investment of funds and time away from day-to-day operations. You may wonder if a course like Increasing Personal Effectiveness will truly pay off. Will you see results in terms of employee satisfaction and attitude, improved productivity,… Read more »

The DiSC Assessment Demystified

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At Employee Development Systems, Inc., many of our training and development solutions begin with the DiSC assessment. The DiSC is, at its most simple, a personality test geared toward workplace dynamics. Like many other personality tests, it’s meant to help people understand how they interact with others and how they’re likely to respond to different situations… Read more »

Instead of Developing Leaders, Foster a Leadership Culture

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It takes an extremely “talented” leader to drive an already successful business into the ground. Think of all the times a Fortune 500 business names a new CEO; it happens more often than you’d think. Just in the past week or two, Time Inc., Weight Watchers, Etrade, and several other large corporations announced either the… Read more »

Three Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Own Success

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It’s remarkably easy to fall back into bad habits once you’ve made a change. Whether you’re consistently late making deadlines or constantly feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career, the truth is that a lot of your success or failure hinges on your ability to manage stress. Leaders who are able to manage stress effectively are… Read more »

What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Personal Accountability

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This week, much of the world has been tuned in to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s inspiring to watch athletes in peak physical condition compete with the very best on a global stage. The discipline, commitment, and hard work that goes into just a few moments every four years is beyond… Read more »

Making Good Behaviors into Successful Habits

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Just as we’ve all had bad days at work, we’ve all had good days. Think of days when everything actually went according to plan, when you felt tremendously effective and efficient. Was it just the universe aligning, or did you have a substantial impact on your own success? It’s probably the latter. Choosing effective behaviors… Read more »

Do Leaders Have Special Traits?

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Successful leaders have distinct traits that inspire their teams. They carry out their leadership roles with deep conviction and an acute awareness of the issues they and their team face on a daily basis. Above all, they exercise leadership as stewards, sharing authority with their teammates and affirming that leadership is primarily about guiding and modeling behavior… Read more »