Hiring Millennials? Here’s What You Should Know

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Almost everywhere we turn, we see complaints about the Millennial generation. Born between the mid ’80s and the late ’90s (though the exact time frame is up for some debate), this generation has been analyzed and criticized just as much as Generation X before them. Millennials have been labeled entitled, narcissistic, and sheltered. But are… Read more »

4 Steps to a New Career Path in 2017

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January is one of the busiest hiring months of the year. The beginning of a new fiscal year for many businesses, it inspires an influx of new positions that need filling. At the same time, January is a time for a lot of personal reflection as well, and it’s often when people look for a new… Read more »

What’s Coming Next? Generation Z!

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Generation “Z” also known as the Click Generation, Generation Net, Digital Natives – The youngest of the “5G Workplace,” Generation Z, is just coming into the workforce. It’s premature to report on the impact of this generation, but we can expect these future leaders to bring their own attitudes and expectations to work, just like… Read more »

Avoid These Top Turnover Costs in Your Organization

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Did You Know that 75% of ALL Hiring is due to turnover? The emergence of .com job-search resources has helped create a fluid workforce capable of constantly searching for that next perfect opportunity. According to the International Management Association, average churn rates have jumped by more than 14 percent in just the last decade– and… Read more »