3 Steps to Using the Generation Gap for Increased Productivity

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The behavior, traits and learning styles of four generations in one workplace create unique challenges to leaders and organizations. Industry leaders learn to leverage those differences. Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides programs that help all generations improve professionalism in the workplace and increasing personal effectiveness, giving them the tools they need to successfully communicate with… Read more »

Professionalism Across The Generations

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In his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey’s fifth habit encourages us all to “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” If you want to interact effectively with your multi-generational team, educate yourself on each segments characteristics. Just as understanding your company’s culture helps you to communicate and navigate… Read more »

Here Is How Your Age Impacts Your Personal Effectiveness

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How old are you?  This is not a question we would normally be allowed to ask in a professional setting.  However, the generation that we are a part of does have an impact on our work style. This topic has been studied quite heavily in recent years.  People are working longer, leading to a three-generation… Read more »

How Generation Impacts Professional Presence

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Each generation feels differently about the importance of an online presence. Those opinions range from “LinkedIn doesn’t pertain to my career” to “Facebook is my personal space, so I’ll should be able to post what I want to.” The truth is that LinkedIn does relate more to some industries than others. However, you still need… Read more »

Bridge the Generation Gap: Build a Mentorship Program in 2013

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We hear about generational differences in the workplace constantly: members of Generation Y want to have it all — a flexible workplace, work-life balance, autonomy and responsibility — without putting in the time and paying their dues; Baby Boomers and GenXers are resistant to new ideas and technology and are unwilling to teach and mentor… Read more »

Is Bad Grammar Ruining Professionalism in the Workplace?

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Do you feel that grammatical and spelling errors have become more commonplace in the office over the years? Does it drive you crazy when you hear an employee say “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less” or when you read overly casual business emails from co-workers? If you feel you have taken… Read more »

Turn Multi-Generational Issues Into Strengths

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Each generation of workers may have different priorities and strengths, but smart managers are able to tailor their management style to get the best performance from their employees. What many people think of as multi-generational issues or problems can actually benefit an organization if they are used correctly. Set aside the common stereotypes about baby… Read more »

The Generation Gap: Age Discrimination Goes Both Ways

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Younger employees, who are just entering the workforce, can often face stereotypes about their age group. Those who are wary of hiring or working with millennials fear that they will be lazy, self-centered or uncommitted. Research shows that younger people can be just as hardworking and motivated as their older colleagues, and they are often… Read more »