Mission Small Business: Will you vote for us?

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We’re on a Mission for America. Mission Small Business: Will you vote for us? Hi, Employee Development Systems here. You typically receive a newsletter from us every couple of weeks that talks about accountability, professionalism, effectiveness and other personal and professional development issues, related to the programs we provide.    Well, this time we are… Read more »

Challenging the Status Quo with Green Energy

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Forbes Magazine recently published an article about the dirty side of innovations in business and technology. Although our technologies are rocketing forward into the future, a study by the environmental group Greenpeace revealed that “the technologies of the 21st century are still largely powered by the dirty coal power of the past, with over half of the… Read more »

Encouraging Professional Presence in a Culture of Creativity

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The unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around 9 percent. Employees are complaining that there are not enough job opportunities. Employers are complaining that there are not enough highly skilled job applicants. What gives? A recent Wall Street Journal article cites the problem as the lack of employee training programs to initiate employees into… Read more »

Challenge the Status Quo and Go Greener in the Workplace

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If you are looking for a competitive advantage to propel your business forward in today’s shaky economy, then one strong solution is to transform your business into a green business. Indeed, green is the new black. Get your employees excited about being leaders and inspiring the rest of the company to challenge the status quo… Read more »

6 Steps to Successful Employee Wellness Programs

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Strategic, well-designed employee wellness programs can result in significant financial benefits for organizations– such as lower health care costs, reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and even higher employee retention. Effective programs can also improve factors that are more difficult to measure, including employee morale, pride and commitment to the organization. If you are thinking of starting… Read more »

Diversity in the Workplace Leads to Success

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As our society continues to grow and change, the workplace also evolves to be representative of a diverse population. Successful, forward-thinking leaders understand that it is essential to be able to work with people who have different backgrounds, beliefs, attitudes or traditions than themselves. Diversity in the workplace has the potential to create a strong… Read more »

How to Hire for Both Job Skills and Company Culture

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Traditionally, hiring a new employee was a thorough but straightforward process of screening applicants through their resumes, cover letters, interviews and references. Hiring managers placed a strong emphasis on relevant education, job experience, skills and aptitude, and the most qualified candidate received the job offer. Today, however, the hiring process has become more complex for… Read more »