5 Tips for Effective Team Building Retreats

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Team building retreats can improve employee performance, increase job satisfaction, and lead to greater cooperation and a heightened understanding of your company’s business goals and objectives. Focusing on the following areas during the planning stages will ensure your next team building event has the desired, long-term results. Make Team Building Activities Relevant The team building… Read more »

3 Top Productivity Habits and Their Impact on Personal Effectiveness

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With our busy lives, we’re all looking for the silver bullet to increase productivity and personal effectiveness. However, beware of spinning your wheels with “busyness.” Legendary coach John Wooden said, “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” Are you achieving or just lining up busy days with activities? Maybe you don’t need a new organizational system or… Read more »

Communicate to Manage Performance: Introverts vs Extroverts

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Meetings Introverts are not likely to share ideas in a large setting, whereas extroverts welcome the public communication. Get the most out of your introverted staff by providing a smaller group setting where they can shine. Large, weekly meetings aren’t as productive as was previously thought. Consider making that a monthly meeting, and have a… Read more »

The Most Valuable Management Skill

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Qualified managers and leaders are integral to a smoothly operating workplace and the growth of your organization. But what separates the average and highly effective managers? The ability to develop their staff. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, “Job seekers from entry-level to executive are more concerned with opportunities for learning and development… Read more »

Practical Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Cultural Change Management

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Critical DON’Ts of Cultural Change Don’t Disrespect tradition. Your entire organizational culture may require shifting because of a merger, a management change, a market shift, or simply because it’s become obvious that the current culture isn’t serving the organization or its customer base, ensure that you don’t malign the previous culture, mission, or corporate atmosphere…. Read more »

4 Ways to Open Career Doors with Culture Fit & Personal Effectiveness

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Learning and understanding professional culture is critical to personal effectiveness in the workplace and professional presence. It’s also the smoothest way to forge your professional credibility. “Most organizations define their cultural values by a strategic imperative. If the initiative is to focus on clients, the behaviors and actions must reflect that. If building market share… Read more »

The Importance of Healthcare in the Family-Friendly Workplace

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The news networks have been all over the Supreme Court decision about President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which determined that the act is constitutional if the individual mandate for health coverage is classified as a tax. After continued pundit discussion, it seems that everyone interprets the decision differently, that so many people have different opinions… Read more »