What the Research Says: Here Are the Top 3 Human Resources Priorities

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  According to recent research by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), human resources priorities have shifte in the last couple of years. Most notably, “Developing the next generation of corporate leaders” was previously rated as the most important challenge by 29% of respondents. Last year it jumped to 52%. What got the highest… Read more »

Communicate to Manage Effectively: Trust in a Virtual Team

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It is amazing how quickly technology has changed the world of work. It is no longer unusual to form virtual teams for completing specific projects or for that matter, to create an entire business consisting of online teams. Because virtual teams generally communicate electronically, seldom, if ever, meet face-to-face. and often work in different time… Read more »

Communicate to Increase Personal Effectiveness in Every Setting

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One of the most important elements of communication is clarity. If you are communicating to manage performance you must be able to convey clear performance expectations to your team. But not only is this simple directive more difficult than it sounds, the difficulty is often exacerbated by the depth of your knowledge of the information… Read more »

6 Elements of Active Listening for Improved Personal Effectiveness

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Innovation is the life-blood of today’s marketplace and so of the entire business world. Companies are transforming themselves everyday, not only with new products, but by using new methods of production and embracing creative solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs—in other words, by working smarter. Innovative ideas seldom come as inspiration from the top,… Read more »

Communicate to Manage Performance: Aim, Bias & Climate

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The average manager spends 30 to 40% of a typical workday giving information to others— in face-to-face interactions, in writing, via the telephone, or through e-mail and other electronic media. Despite this emphasis on conveying information, breakdowns continue to be one of the greatest sources of problems in the workplace. Most managers have never been… Read more »

Essential Assets for Improving Accountability & Professional Presence

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The three essential assets every company needs in order to succeed: people, capital, and technology. All valuable, but people are the critical component to success. They drive capital growth and technical expansion, or at least they should. The truth is, a company’s workforce needs care and attention to stay effective and consistently perform at a… Read more »

Does Your Netiquette Reflect Your Professional Presence?

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Do you have your netiquette in check? Many people feel a greater sense of freedom online, whether they are communicating via email instant message boards, chatrooms, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social networking sites. Increase your professional presence and personal effectiveness by calibrating your online presence to make sure it is in line with your professional… Read more »

Why Communication Skills Are More Important Than Ever

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The ability to work with others is a valuable trait that will serve you well, no matter what field you work in. You probably use people skills all day long — from communicating with colleagues and clients to making decisions as a team– that may be just as important as any professional expertise you have…. Read more »