A to C Blog Series: Making Changes Last

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In our “Adapting to Change” blog series, we’ve discussed all the important steps to bringing fundamental shifts to your organization. We’ve highlighted the importance of recognizing when there is a need for change, communicating the need for change and inspiring employees, maintaining momentum, and setting attainable benchmarks to induce progress. To close out our series, it’s time to… Read more »

A to C Blog Series: Keep the Fires Burning

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As anyone who has undergone a substantial transition knows, true adaptation is a marathon and not a sprint. If you’re facing a significant change within your organization, there will be good days and bad days. Some weeks will seem as if nothing is accomplished, and other weeks will follow where demands on your team’s energy will be at a fever… Read more »

The Leader’s Key to Effective Time Management

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Many businesses focus on time management but we have discovered that leaders need to focus on expanding and managing energy—not time. It’s not the time you devote to your work or family that brings real value, but the energy and passion you bring to the time you have. Take care of business! Effectively managing energy… Read more »

5 Ways to Become a Solution-Maker & Leader in Your Workplace

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Imagine a manager  (let’s call him Bob) coming out of the monthly performance review meeting, his head bowed. He had just been ‘shredded’ by his superiors. As soon as he got back to his office, he called his staff and shredded them with more venom. Fear gripped the whole office but at the end of the… Read more »

How Successful People Find More Time in Their Day

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Successful people tend to follow an early morning routine. Using the early morning time to get ahead on your personal and career goals will instantly give you an extra 2 hours per day that most people spend sleeping or mindlessly drinking coffee while watching television. Once your day gets rolling, you are working down your… Read more »

8 Questions for Postive Change in Your Workplace

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To ensure positive change in your workplace, focus on nine key areas to that help the change process less painful. Leading change requires us to be extremely thoughtful and attentive to those we are dealing with, whether that’s a team or person. Before approaching your team with an upcoming change, answer these questions for yourself…. Read more »

Practical Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Cultural Change Management

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Critical DON’Ts of Cultural Change Don’t Disrespect tradition. Your entire organizational culture may require shifting because of a merger, a management change, a market shift, or simply because it’s become obvious that the current culture isn’t serving the organization or its customer base, ensure that you don’t malign the previous culture, mission, or corporate atmosphere…. Read more »

3 Practical Takeaways for Improved Organizational Leadership

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Improving organizational leadership can seem like an ambiguous goal, difficult to pin down. Here are three practical ways you can improve your organization leadership this week -or even today! 1. Know your target audience. According to a recent Forbes article, New Approaches to Customer Data Can Improve the Effectiveness of Marketing,  “We are entering an… Read more »