Dear Suzanne: I Need New Team Building Insights!

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Dear Suzanne, As the general manager of a law firm, I am responsible for building and maintaining multiple teams, depending on the client and project. These days, law firms include many more roles than simply legal services. We often include an accountant, project manager, and outside content experts, depending on the case. We have the… Read more »

6 Short Cuts to Career Success Professional Presence

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While finding information used to be a challenge. These days we have an information deluge, and distilling what is out there has become the top priority. -So we’re distilling these top career-related posts.  Here are 6 ways to help your career and improve your professional presence. The 1 Habit to Improve Career Success and Professional… Read more »

Dear Suzanne: Is Professional Presence Really that Valuable?

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Dear Suzanne,  You and your company mention professional presence as a cornerstone of career and personal effectiveness. Although I think most people agree that dress codes can be a sensitive subject in the current cross-generational workforce, does it really merit an entire course? Sincerely, Greg A. (Dallas, Texas) Dear Greg, I’m so glad that you wrote… Read more »