How to Develop Generation X Leaders

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The Generation-Xers (Born 1961-1980), the first born children of the Baby Boomers, are often referred to as latch-key kids because while their parents were working long hours climbing the corporate ladder, the Xers came home and took care of themselves. At approximately 51 million born in the United States, a relatively small generation, this group… Read more »

Lead First & Be the Boss Second!

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We’ve heard it said many times, “You can be a leader no matter what position you are in.”  It’s hard to argue with that statement! It’s a little tougher to live it out though. Why else would so many managers feel powerless to make a difference in their organizations; let alone anyone that isn’t in… Read more »

Millennial in the Workplace? Here’s How to Succeed!

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With more generations working together  than ever before, you can often find advice for working with Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennials. But if you’re just entering the workforce, how do you feel about working with people the age of your older siblings, parents or even grandparents? Here’s how to build a strong career in… Read more »

Here Is the Fast Track to Increased Productivity & Effectiveness in Your Workplace

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Reframe Productivity as a Path to Freedom Start by shifting the paradigm surrounding productivity. Introduce the idea of how increased productivity is really a conversation about clarifying priorities and letting go of tasks and projects that are out of line with the organization and department goals. Increased productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and… Read more »

How to Fast Track Your Leadership Influence

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As a leader, you may perceive your main responsibility as keeping the team focused on the projects at hand, and fulfilling the goals set by your won superiors. So how can you be most impactful in accomplishing those goals? There is one often overlooked key to your success as a leader. One dirty little secret… Read more »

Taking Key Communication Knowledge from the Medical Industry

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A recent study by the National Institute of Health found that good doctors communicate effectively with patients—they identify patients’ problems more accurately, and patients are more satisfied with the care they receive.  “Good” doctors are those whose patients adjust better psychologically and are more satisfied with their care, they have greater job satisfaction, and less… Read more »

Executive & Professional Presence: Do You Have What it Takes?

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The aura of leadership that some people exude seems to surpass all of the typical outward indications, of the best suits and shoes worthy of an executive. According to a study by the Center for Work-Life Policy, executives that successfully convey their current (and likely future) position act self confident, strategic, decisive, and assertive. These… Read more »

Stop Resisting and Watch Professional Presence Soar!

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A solid understanding of professionalism in a contemporary setting differentiates you from everyone else around you who are following a career path and following a life at home, versus creating one. Increase your professional presence to stop following and start creating! What distinguishes individuals with high professional presence? Confidence in their abilities to perform the… Read more »