How to Fire an Employee Who is Underperforming

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Unless you model your management style on Donald Trump’s persona on “The Apprentice,” you probably don’t relish the idea of telling an employee, “You’re fired.” Letting an employee go who isn’t performing well is never an easy task, but it is an important part of being a manager and running an effective workplace. Listen to… Read more »

How to Safeguard Your Productivity at Work From Distractions

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Throughout the course of your workday, you probably encounter dozens of distractions that threaten to derail your personal effectiveness — personal phone calls, coffee breaks, Facebook updates and conversations with co-workers about last night’s episode of “The Voice,” to name a few. It’s beneficial to take small breaks during the day to renew your energy… Read more »

Use Online Personality Tests to Direct Your Career Development

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Is your brain abuzz with wonderings about your performance this year? What were your biggest successes and failures in 2011? What were your best business decisions? What situations would you handle differently in the new year? What personality traits are bringing you success? What factors are holding you back? Would your coworkers agree with your… Read more »

Does Professionalism in the Workplace Give Job Security?

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In a weak economy with a high unemployment rate, many details of one’s workplace behavior become increasingly important when cuts must be made. If you are concerned about your job security, then one thing you can do is to work on increasing your professionalism in the workplace. If you manage employees that you are worried… Read more »