Communicate to Manage Performance: Introverts vs Extroverts

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Meetings Introverts are not likely to share ideas in a large setting, whereas extroverts welcome the public communication. Get the most out of your introverted staff by providing a smaller group setting where they can shine. Large, weekly meetings aren’t as productive as was previously thought. Consider making that a monthly meeting, and have a… Read more »

Videocast Run Down: Personal Effectiveness & Professional Presence

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Catch some of the wisdom in our EDSI Videocasts. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and get some inspiration for personal effectiveness and professional excellence! Learn work life balance from Steve Jobs. Find out the real reason why training is important. Here’s how to get a competitive advantage through employee development. Stop by our… Read more »

Dear Suzanne: Help! My Employees Hate Me!

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Dear Suzanne, I  manage employees for a law firm in San Antonio. I know that star employees who leave an organization are often leaving the manager not the job itself. Recently I have had a few  resign, so I can’t help but ask myself if they are leaving because of my management style. If you… Read more »

Research Shows How to Use Self-Discipline for Personal Effectiveness

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Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got. Whatever your personal or career goals are, self-discipline is the single most important tool to help you accomplish them. Put these daily practices into action to accomplish your own goals and become a more effective leader in the meantime! Revisit your goals each… Read more »

Personal Productivity Despite Jet Lag

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With today’s pervasive technology, it is easier than ever to conduct business globally without leaving the office, or sometimes, without leaving home. However, sometimes in-person contact is essential, and business travel becomes unavoidable. If it is a short domestic flight, then it may be fairly easy to show up relaxed and ready for work. But… Read more »

3 Ways to Improve Personal Effectiveness in the New Year

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If there’s one resolution that most professionals make in the new year, it’s some variation on “Be more effective at work.” Some may focus on time management, while others zero in on productivity, but improving personal effectiveness is the common denominator. The arrival of a new year provides a valuable opportunity to reassess your priorities… Read more »