Do You Know the Personality Styles of Your Colleagues?

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how the DiSC assessment works and what information it conveys. The DISC assessment is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and our own strengths and weaknesses. (If you haven’t taken it yet, you can get your own personality profile instantly!) When we know our own personality styles, we can better ask… Read more »

Haven’t Tried the DiSC Assessment Yet? Here’s Why You Should.

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It’s no secret that we love and use the DISC assessment regularly in our development programs. DiSC provides a customized foundation for understanding ourselves and others–our motivations, our personalities, and ultimately our behaviors. There’s a very good reason why this assessment is standard in so many hiring processes and professional development programs worldwide. But if, in… Read more »

Practical Applications for the DiSC Assessment

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If you’re familiar with our programming, then you know that the DiSC assessment is an important part of what we do. Understanding our own personalities (and those of our team members, managers, and leaders) is essential to effective communication, conflict resolution, and improved performance. But what does the DiSC actually mean for the long-term success… Read more »

Why Assessments?

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Why do we need professional assessments? It’s simple. Do you want to improve your hiring and selection process? How about increase sales or customer service? An employee assessment can give you a shortcut to accomplishing these goals. Improve Hiring & Selection The right person in the right job is priceless. The wrong one is a… Read more »

Who Do You Need to Be? Practical Steps to Increased Effectiveness

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If you’ve ever taken a personality assessment at work or had your team take one, such as the DiSC, you know that they can be polarizing. Many people are dubious of what they can really reveal about themselves and the value of learning others’ results. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that one… Read more »

What John Jantsch Says about Professional Presence with Your Clients

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A thrilled customer is the most potent marketing asset your organization can leverage. ~John Jantsch, writing at Duct Tape Marketing Getting new clients is an essential part of any consulting business, but never fall into the trap of taking your existing clients for granted. Business survival depends on ensuring that your existing clients continue to… Read more »

Are Business School Programs Worth the Investment?

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A few decades ago, earning a master’s degree in business administration was seen by many as a smart investment in career and financial success. Trends and conventional wisdom led new M.B.A. graduates to believe that they could expect an advantage when applying for well-compensated, desirable jobs in their field. Today, it is not as clear… Read more »

Does Professionalism in the Workplace Allow Personal Style?

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There can often be a bit of tension between personal style and professional presence in the workplace. Fortunately, dress codes have certainly loosened over time in many companies nationwide, with khaki pants and button-down shirts winning out over suits, ties, and pantyhose. However, it depends on where you work. According to a recent CNN article,… Read more »

10 Creative Thinking Tips for Workplace Innovation

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Are you trying to boost your performance at work? One excellent way to do so is to showcase your creative thinking. Wait, creativity is something that people are just born with, right? Perhaps you’re uncertain about whether you can even come up with a viable solution to the problems of the next departmental meeting. Maybe… Read more »

Challenging the Status Quo with Green Energy

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Forbes Magazine recently published an article about the dirty side of innovations in business and technology. Although our technologies are rocketing forward into the future, a study by the environmental group Greenpeace revealed that “the technologies of the 21st century are still largely powered by the dirty coal power of the past, with over half of the… Read more »