4 Quick Strategies to Improve Your Career Today

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Effective communication skills are vital to a successful, rewarding business. You need to communicate well with your clients, staff, partners, associates, and vendors. Improving your communication skills will let you express yourself with more confidence; more confidence will help you attract more clients and influence your peers and referral sources. You probably feel that you… Read more »

Increase Personal Effectiveness with Your Own Brand

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If you thought of yourself as a product, what would your brand be? What kind of slogan or mission would your “product” embrace and what do you think other people would say your brand is? Use whatever gift you have received to serve others (financial advisor, accountant, software engineer, etc.). Be grateful for customers, they… Read more »

Master this Skill to Improve Communication Today

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As bureaucracies are flattened and autonomy and decision-making are pushed further and further down into the organization, listening becomes, not just important, but vital. Listening or Hearing, the Importance of Listening – “Are you listening to me?” This question is often asked because the speaker thinks the listener is nodding off or daydreaming. We sometimes… Read more »

Words Aren’t Enough: The Critical Leadership Skill that Makes You into a Successful Leader

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We’re told to “be a good listener,” but what does that mean? Have you ever actually studied your own listening habits? Effective leaders are not the best talkers. They have fulfilled career goals by being the best listeners. Words aren’t enough. When you’re listening, pay conscious attention to facial expressions and body language. This information… Read more »

How to Fast Track Your Leadership Influence

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As a leader, you may perceive your main responsibility as keeping the team focused on the projects at hand, and fulfilling the goals set by your won superiors. So how can you be most impactful in accomplishing those goals? There is one often overlooked key to your success as a leader. One dirty little secret… Read more »