One of the most exciting things in recent years is not a product, but a product platform. EPIC ( Electronic Profile Information Center) provides a simple way to deliver profiles via the internet. From your PC, you can administer access codes that allow people to complete the assessments online. Once a respondent finishes answering the questions, the resulting report goes to the respondent or to you—you decide!

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Products Available on EPIC
Currently, the following products are available on EPIC:


    • DiSC® Classic
      With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, DiSC® Classic remains the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. The new DiSC Classic 2.0 report answers the growing demand for a personalized report with expanded narrative. Its informal, conversational style brings to life all the elements of the original DiSC instrument.
    • DiSC Action Planners
      Choose from the DiSC Sales Action Planner, DiSC Customer Service Action Planner, DiSC Management Action Planner, and the DiSC Managing Performance Action Planner
    • Team Dimensions Profile
      The Team Dimensions Profile helps individuals work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others.
    • Time Mastery Profile®
      The Time Mastery Profile® helps individuals set priorities and manage time more effectively by evaluating their effectiveness in 12 critical areas.
    • Discovering Diversity Profile®
      The Discovering Diversity Profile® helps employees learn how they respond to workforce diversity and where they need to develop increased understanding.
    • Work Expectations Profile
      The Work Expectations Profile helps employees identify their high work expectations and provides feedback on how to communicate them, get them met, and adjust them when necessary. The result? Increased productivity and reduced turnover.
    • Personal Listening Profile®
      The Personal Listening Profile® is designed to help people accept interpersonal differences and adopt behavioral strategies that foster considerate, collaborative, and effective relationships.


Credits is the term used to describe the “currency” used in the EPIC system. Credits are needed to issue access codes for individual reports and generate group/facilitator reports.


Price: $3.60


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