About Employee Development Systems, Inc.


Our History

Employee Development Systems was founded in 1979 to enhance the interpersonal skills needed to perform at a more productive level, to create a workforce that adapts to change, to establish a culture that stimulates creative and innovative ideas, and to make the organization the employer of choice. We have been resolving issues surrounding employee development, management training, performance management, leadership, generational disparity, professional presence, and personal effectiveness for over 30 years. Our training will give your organization a competitive advantage and result in a more accountable and engaged workforce.

Our Values

It’s all about trust, building relationships, and behavioral change. We are committed to providing our partners with authentic, valuable programs that improve their workplace in immediate and practical ways. EDSI management training and employee development guides your workforce to:

  • Respond to client needs quickly and decisively with the best possible solutions
  • Develop personal accountability to deliver the best possible employee and client experience
  • Improve a company culture, which will improve everything

We are grateful for the long-term relationships we have built with every one of our clients. Visit our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have said about our management training and employee development programs and take a look at the breadth of our reach by industry.

Contact us to learn how we can help increase leadership, morale, accountability, productivity, and profits in your organization through management training and other programs aimed at individuals and entire workforces. 800-282-3374.

Our Leader

For the past 15 years, CEO, Suzanne Updegraff has been our company’s leader and inspiration. Suzanne is behind the design and appearance of all of our products. She drives the vision and strategy of EDSI. Her skill in building professional relationships has made EDSI a leading provider of performance improvement and management development courses. Suzanne Updegraff’s signature strength in building authentic relationships and her creative approach to working with clients has guided EDSI through an eight-fold (800%) increase in the number of individuals served over the last two years.

Suzanne’s entertaining and engaging teaching style combined with her sense of humor appeals to a diverse clientele ranging from corporate executives to individual contributors. Her success is crafted on personal attention, an interactive learning approach, and a sincere desire to transfer skill development and performance improvement for today’s leader, manager, team member, and associate.

Prior to taking over ownership of EDSI in 1997, Suzanne served as Director for the Center of Continuing Education for the National Association of Print Leadership, a non-profit entity focused on serving entrepreneurs and executives in the commercial printing market. Suzanne is a noted training facilitator and keynote speaker with hundreds of clients represented throughout the United States. She has personally trained over 1 million individuals in her best-selling course Increasing Personal Effectiveness® and is a featured contributor in national publications. Suzanne lives her personal and professional mission every day as she works in service of EDSI’s clients and colleagues.