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DiSC assessmentIt’s no secret that we love and use the DISC assessment regularly in our development programs. DiSC provides a customized foundation for understanding ourselves and others–our motivations, our personalities, and ultimately our behaviors. There’s a very good reason why this assessment is standard in so many hiring processes and professional development programs worldwide.

But if, in your journey in management and leadership, you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience the DiSC assessment, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. And there’s no better answer than taking the assessment yourself and receiving your individual DiSC profile. , which provide a tremendous value to understanding both your own personality type and the value that the DiSC can bring to your company.

Wondering why you should? Here’s what we find are the biggest strengths to taking an individual DiSC assessment.

First, when you take the DiSC, you don’t just receive a personality “label.” Instead, you get tons of resources for understanding your unique personality dimensions. The typical DiSC profile includes:

  • a detailed explanation of your highest dimension (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Conscientiousness)
  • an intensity index that reveals how strong each of the dimensions appear in your personality and how they’re most likely to manifest in terms of traits
  • your profile pattern: the way the four dimensions interact to form your unique personality type, and how that personality type functions in terms of motivations, work habits, etc.

Try the DiSC Assessment for Yourself

If you’ve been on the fence about using the DiSC for potential hires or current employees, you should take it yourself first. Examine the wealth of information it provides about your pattern and many others, and consider how this sort of detailed approach might benefit your team. Employers prefer the DiSC. It offers insights not just into the self but also into the personalities and motivations of coworkers and employees. It’s a starting point for learning how to work with others.

Beyond researching the value a DiSC assessment may add to your organization, the instant assessment offers individual and personal benefits. Being able to identify your own personality strengths and challenges is key to working well with others. Because the DiSC report is engaging, memorable, and easy to understand, you’ll retain its information much longer than you might with other personality inventories. Retention is key; the more you remember, the more you’ll translate the DiSC’s findings into your personal and work behaviors.

Even if the DiSC hasn’t yet been adopted as the inventory of choice at your workplace, there’s no reason why employees and leaders alike can’t take the assessment individually and begin to reap its benefits. If you haven’t had the chance to experience it yet, and begin to understand yourself, improve your relationships, and optimize your work habits. Not a bad start to a new year!

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