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DiSC AssessmentIf you’re familiar with our programming, then you know that the DiSC assessment is an important part of what we do. Understanding our own personalities (and those of our team members, managers, and leaders) is essential to effective communication, conflict resolution, and improved performance. But what does the DiSC actually mean for the long-term success of a company? Does it have practical applications? How can it be put into play in day-to-day operations?

The answer is that the DiSC isn’t just a test. It’s a roadmap for practical, productive relationships. Here are some concrete, tangible ways that the DiSC assessment can make a difference in your organization.

  1. The DiSC assessment motivates employees.
    Many of our clients have reported that the DiSC was a central feature of the most successful training initiatives they’ve used. A corporate training director from AFLAC says, “[Increasing Personal Effectiveness, which includes the DiSC] affords you the opportunity to learn your Behavior Style as well as others that you interact with on a consistent basis. We evaluate each course and I must tell you the results of IPE are impeccable. I am able to measure my return on investment with this product through positive feedback and persons continually asking me to offer it more often.” Providing employees with information about themselves, rather than lectures or documents lacking personalization, encourages buy-in from the very beginning.
  2. The DiSC is tailored to your specific goals.
    If you have a specific goal in mind, there is a tailored, specific DISC assessment that will help get you there faster. Different versions of the DISC target the area you wish to improve: the workplace, leadership, sales, management, etc. Questions focus on that specific context so that answers are more illuminating and accurate and so that programming is relevant.
  3. Programs built on the DiSC can have an immediate effect on performance.
    Many of our clients report, in addition to renewed motivation, an instant improvement in communication, effectiveness, and performance from training sessions centered on the DISC assessment. The director of training at Deutsche Bank, one of our clients, listed four immediate results he saw in employees: knowledge of personality types and the ability to adapt behavior and communication to each type, displaying more assertive communication skills (rather than passive or aggressive), applying active listening skills, and understanding each individual’s role in team development.

We believe strongly in the DiSC because it fuels many of the programs we offer at Employee Development Systems. We have seen it help thousands of people, teams, and organizations to grow and improve with measurable results.

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