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Is your company interested in employee development, but not sure about each program’s cost-effectiveness and ROI?

  • You may be concerned about the investment of funds and time away from day-to-day operations.
  • You may wonder if a course like Increasing Personal Effectiveness will truly pay off. Will you see results in terms of employee satisfaction and attitude, improved productivity, and eventual cost savings to your business?

The Career Management Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recently performed a study of their return on investment for Increasing Personal Effectiveness. Participants who completed all three sessions of the Increasing Personal Effectiveness program were surveyed and asked to report their overall percentage improvements.

Increasing Personal Effectiveness

We’ve love to share with you what they found. Gain access to the FREE results of this case study to see if the Increasing Personal Effectiveness program improved employee performance and productivity for hospital employees and resulted in cost savings for the organization.


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