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corporate mindfulnessMindfulness has become a buzzword in corporate vocabulary over the past few years, and for good reason. From parents to entrepreneurs to high-powered executives, many people have recognized the benefits of paying attention to their emotions, intentions, and strengths and limitations. More and more research indicates that mindfulness is a practice just as helpful in the workplace as it is in the yoga studio. Looking to incorporate some mindfulness practices into your company culture? Here are some good places to start.

Effectiveness Starts From Within

One of the primary principles of mindfulness is that we recognize what needs to change within ourselves. Only then can we make changes in our environment. EDS’s Increasing Personal Effectiveness encourages this type of awareness. Only by recognizing important internal factors (how we see ourselves, how we manage conflict, how we own our choices) can we develop more effective practices. Adopting new productivity habits without understanding why we need them is a bit like treating the symptoms of an illness rather than the illness itself. It just won’t work in the long run.

Offer Opportunities for Calm

The more demanding our workdays become, the more focus and productivity suffer at all levels. Leaders and executives have the ability to invest in a culture of mindfulness, often with a big payoff in terms of overall performance. Offer yoga or guided meditation classes over lunch or before/after work hours, encourage a mid-morning group walk around the block, provide training in active listening, or hold brief “mission” meetings regularly to discuss strategy (not what needs to be done, but why).

Be Responsive, Not Reactive

An important part of mindfulness is accepting what you can change and what you can’t. Sometimes all that’s in your power to change is your own response. Minimizing distractions and increasing focus allows us the ability to truly listen and respond to questions, concerns, and problems that come our way. Seek to understand and listen first before firing off a hastily written e-mail. Take time to think and weigh important factors before you make a decision.

Corporate Mindfulness Should Matter to Leaders

Leaders with the most impact are those who can build and successfully manage great teams. Every day, we help our clients and colleagues achieve their highest levels of professional presence and personal effectiveness. That includes everyone on the ladder, from company presidents to project managers to staff members. Contact us at 800-282-3374 to find out how we can help you impact your own productivity and the productivity of your entire organization.

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