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olympics photoThis week, much of the world has been tuned in to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s inspiring to watch athletes in peak physical condition compete with the very best on a global stage. The discipline, commitment, and hard work that goes into just a few moments every four years is beyond what many of us can fathom. While we may have given up our dreams of competitive sport, though, there are lessons that Olympic athletes can teach us everyday about personal accountability. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Stay focused. It’s nearly impossible to train for something that only happens every four years without laser focus. Success is built in the day-to-day, and Olympic athletes are constantly setting small goals to enhance their everyday performance and stay on track. Stay focused and accountable at work by setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for yourself. How do you plan to achieve those goals over time?
  2. Stay in your lane… Often times, we lose the race (and lose our credibility) when we get distracted by what our competitors are doing. Healthy competition is a bedrock of a motivated business, but don’t let your detractors or other businesses in your sector dictate your everyday actions.
  3. …but keep your ears open. US Olympic swimmer Lilly King made international news this week for calling out a Russian competitor for using performance-enhancing drugs. She has already received some criticism for breaking the culture of silence that surrounds athletes when it comes to doping, but her experience shows that it’s important to pay attention to the vocal critics within your own organization. While not every rant by a disgruntled employee guarantees a policy change, consistent feedback and critique can damage your credibility. Show your team that you’re willing to listen and make changes that benefit all.
  4. Maintain that team spirit. The most successful athletes are those that can perform well individually but also lend their talents to team competition. Think of swimming or track relays, or the all-around gymnastics competition, or other team sports like basketball, water polo, or soccer. Focus on doing the best that you can do personally, but also consider how you might be able to support your team.

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