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habit photoJust as we’ve all had bad days at work, we’ve all had good days. Think of days when everything actually went according to plan, when you felt tremendously effective and efficient. Was it just the universe aligning, or did you have a substantial impact on your own success? It’s probably the latter. Choosing effective behaviors can dramatically change outcomes and results. Inspired by our own Increasing Personal Effectiveness program, here’s how you can develop behaviors into habits and bring about many more good days.

If you find yourself in stretches of “bad” days, try paying attention to your feelings and to your internal monologue. What kinds of messages do you repeat in your mind? Being aware of the overall tone of these feelings can help you attempt to change them. It’s a simple shift, but a difficult one. It takes commitment and honesty with yourself to convert “I’m really not looking forward to today” to “I’m ready for today’s challenges.” However, that’s an important step to take.

On the other side of the coin, honestly assess what makes a good day work. How were you at your best on that day? Did you feel more organized than usual? Did you communicate better with your team and your colleagues? Were you better able to focus on the work you had to accomplish? Try to figure out what went right.

Once you’ve figured out some of the behaviors that make you feel better and work more effectively, try incorporating those behaviors into a daily routine. Beginning your day by making a list, taking a mid-morning walk around the office to greet your team, setting aside a few minutes each day to follow up on unanswered e-mails — whatever it may be, adopt habits that give you a sense of personal ownership in your work. The goal is to feel accountable for how your day is going and to take pro-active steps to create your own success.

Interested in learning more about developing effective work habits and strengthening your sense of personal ownership in the office? The Increasing Personal Effectiveness program provides practical tools to use in day-to-day interactions that create and sustain personal effectiveness, leading to higher productivity in the workplace.

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