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leadership traitsSuccessful leaders have distinct traits that inspire their teams. They carry out their leadership roles with deep conviction and an acute awareness of the issues they and their team face on a daily basis.

Above all, they exercise leadership as stewards, sharing authority with their teammates and affirming that leadership is primarily about guiding and modeling behavior for others. A strong leader needs to have a foundation of integrity and vision to lead his or her group to the greater good. Interested in inspiring your team? Work on developing these key leadership traits:

  1. Self-awareness. Being self-aware enables you to have a full understanding of your capabilities and limitations, which is important when committing to future efforts. What projects are the best use of your time? Which are more easily delegated?
  1. Business acumen. Having business acumen makes you able to think critically about the goals and vision you set forth as a leader. You’ll be able to guide the team with precision because you hold the confidence to understand and envision outcomes.
  1. Relationship-building. Partnering with other firms, departments, and leaders requires you to be proficient at building relationships. It is very important to be able to carry out your vision with the support not only of your team but of your partners.
  1. Ability to create an inspired culture. Inspiration helps to motivate your team; it creates a spark and ignites creativity, and it creates a positive environment that encourages the team to perform because they feel invested in the vision.
  1. Agility and adaptability. Very few environments are stagnant, so as a leader you must be able to alter your actions and adapt to a changing environment at all times. Being able to adapt quickly to change is key.

Leaders with the most impact are those who can build and successfully manage great teams. Every day, we help our clients and colleagues achieve their highest levels of professional presence and personal effectiveness. That includes everyone on the ladder, from company presidents to project managers, to staff members. Contact us at 800-282-3374 to find out how we can help you impact your own productivity and the productivity of your entire organization by enhancing your leadership traits.

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