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employees photo Credibility is the cornerstone of strong leadership. If a leader isn’t viewed as trustworthy or dependable, his or her relationship with the team will suffer, leading to poor performance and a toxic work culture. Interested in strengthening your credibility with your team? Check out these tips from our Leading with Credibility program:


  1. Believe. Credible leaders have faith in their company, its goals, and its ability to succeed. When leaders believe, they make forward-thinking decisions and aren’t deterred by fear during difficult times. Credible leaders also believe in the intelligence and commitment of their employees, trusting their own hiring decisions and allowing competent team members to flourish.
  2. Be honest. Leaders need to be trustworthy, and this quality comes from telling the truth, always. Good leaders acknowledge their own weaknesses and offer transparency in all areas of their business. They also don’t mince words: feedback is kind yet direct.
  3. Listen. As we’ve mentioned before, an important key to developing strong relationships with employees is truly listening to what they have to say. Credible leaders aren’t intimidated or threatened by the honesty of their team members, and they actually seek it out to address issues that might affect the business’s productivity and success.
  4. Follow through. In all interactions, do what you say you will. Don’t let promises fall through the cracks—not with clients, not with colleagues, and not with staff. Find a system to help you stay organized, set reminders, and communicate often. The people who work for you will feel valued knowing you’ve remembered your commitments to them, and you’ll be viewed as a dependable leader who practices what you preach.

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