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EDS_4_24_16Getting a handle on employee involvement will maintain the momentum your company needs.

  • What does it encompass? Employee involvement encompasses the effort by management to include employees as part of a strategy to improve itself. Once employees understand that their input will be taken and honestly considered within the company, enthusiasm will proliferate throughout the ranks. The payoff in employee involvement can turn a company into a leading marketplace venue for how to motivate employees and keep fresh ideas coming on a frequent basis.
  • Get them involved! A company can make its employees feel that they are part of the production process by actually taking their suggestions and implementing them. The mere fact of having some kind of repository for idea collection in strategic areas will allow the employees to give their personal ideas on how best to improve work conditions for productivity. Employee suggestion boxes can be placed in areas where the employees congregate throughout the day. The idea of having these suggestion boxes has to be supported by management to ensure that plenty of ideas are continually coming in.
  • What is the long-term advantage? Having employees interact with management and its decision making process will ensure that motivation will always be there. Customer-based relationship marketing is important for the company to survive in tough economic times but the marketing aspect of a company can only be accomplished through improved employee engagement.

Having employees feel they are part of the decision process of the company, and actually seeing some of their ideas and suggestions being implemented, gives greater assurance to employees and the company that it is first class. Involvement of the employees will result in attitude changes by employees who will in turn give extra effort and loyalty to the company’s products and services that provide its customer base.

When a company puts people first, whether they are employees or customers, then the groundwork of a successful corporation has been set. The interaction of employees with management and customers allows a self-worth to happen that cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Give employees the chance to be creative and feel that they are part of management. The prospect of having an employee base that is loyal and hardworking will comprise the base operations of the company.

Never underestimate the power of employee loyalty when it comes to involving them in the everyday processes that affect company policy and the direction that it is destined to travel.

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