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How Social Media Affects Personal BrandingSocial media is transforming business as we know it. This applies to businesses large and small, and to brands – corporate and personal. At Employee Development Systems, Inc., helping employees of every generation raise their awareness of accountability and professionalism lie at the core of our mission.

We’ve entered the age of influence. As it relates to personal branding, we would like to share some guidelines that will help enhance your brand and ensure success through the social media age.

  1. Meet the influence economy. Social media has transitioned our economy.  Some call it ‘social capital’ and some call it ‘social credibility’.  Whatever you call it, we’re essentially measuring how influential you are. Tools like Share and likes and tweets, circles and +1s are the currency of our new economy.
  2. Your personality has value, so be sure you share it.  Social media is about being human and adding that element of humanity to the technology.  Personality is what will help you stand out from the rest, but use caution:  you still need to filter and decide what’s appropriate for sharing and what isn’t.  Sharing your character is considerably different than sharing private information.
  3. Be knowable, likeable and trustworthy. A positive attitude will always serve you better than a negative one.  Keep civility and generosity at the forefront of your mission.
  4. Invest in your own thought leadership. Sharing your knowledge is one of the best ways to become known as an expert. The more you write and speak about your industry, the greater the expert you become.  Be credible, reliable and personable, while you keep your ego in check.
  5. Personal brands compete with corporate brands and win. We still want to buy from people rather than companies. Personal brands tend to be more successful in the social media space. Social media tools have empowered us to build a direct audience and be better at it than many corporate brands, so give it some thought.

Your online profiles, any communications, simple likes, and sharing are what build your influence.  The more you contribute to the good of the community, the more trust and credibility you create.  The more you’re trusted, the greater your social credibility.  Think about it as you check-in, share and comment and think about what you can contribute.

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