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EDS_MillennialBusiness2We’re all constantly involved in the management of our own success. Whether we are building a career or a full, balanced life -like most of us, you’re probably doing both!  We are always guiding our teams or working with partners, and family to achieve an effective outcome. We are only as successful as our teams, so what makes some teams succeed while others fail?  It all depends on the characteristics and behaviors of the team leader. Yes, that’s you.

How to Spot an Ineffective Leader

 They Complain. However, the problem with many unsuccessful teams is that these leaders tend to demonstrate an annoying characteristic. They often lack focus. This means:
Their strategy is too complex. They struggle to explain what they are trying to achieve without numerous Power Point slides. They don’t explain simply what the team focus or priorities are.

They use jargon. When communicating their strategies, they use buzzwords and acronyms rather than simple English. They then wonder why they struggle to get ‘buy in’ from their employees.
They expect everyone to be motivated by the profitability of the organization. They don’t understand that employees are not motivated by increasing profits or cutting costs. I’ve heard many people say after listening to a strategy presentation. ‘Why should I work harder to make the CEO richer?’ Rather, employees are interested in how they can contribute to some great purpose – or something that will benefit them and their own families.

They develop too many goals. As a result, employees are often confused about what exactly is expected of them.

They believe in the broad brush. Ineffective leaders believe that broad-brush strategies are sufficient. They leave the details to their team. They expect their team to implement unclear strategies without any guidance from them. They wonder why their team constantly complains about a lack of direction!

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