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How To Increase Your Work Effectiveness, Productivity, & MoreIf you’ve ever taken a personality assessment at work or had your team take one, such as the DiSC, you know that they can be polarizing. Many people are dubious of what they can really reveal about themselves and the value of learning others’ results.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that one of the success predictors for the post-assessment debriefing and the workshops we teach along with them, is the ability of participants to learn how they can “flex” their communication styles for much greater success in almost every area at work (and at home!), including higher productivity, increased professional presence, and successful conflict management.

You’ve probably heard people say something like, “I can’t be someone I’m not,”  “That’s not me,” or “I could never…” This is meant to show authenticity and pride in one’s own identity–a “principled” person. Actually, these types of phrases are used to justify an unwillingness to budge from a decision or as a tactic to avoid criticism. In short, they are a cop out, and the personality assessments, such as DiSC, help people increase awareness of the areas where they may have room to grow and increase awareness of their own strengths.

How about being who your colleagues need you to be? Life seems simpler when we think in dichotomies about our strengths and weaknesses, but people are complex. According to author, Rob Hatch,

“Maybe writing isn’t your strength it takes you longer, but somehow you can call upon the ability when you need to and do it well. Perhaps you’re not the most organized person, but when you have to, you can pull things together and find a new way of staying on top of it. You may not always be calm under pressure, but in a moment of uncertainty, fear, and chaos, you’re able to find stillness, communicate clearly, and direct the action as though it were in slow motion, knowing exactly what to do. None of it is easy, but it’s what the situation called for. It’s who someone needed you to be.”

If we can open up to the possibilities that we have flexible personalities that are able to handle any kind of situation, the potential for personal (and professional) growth is unlimited!

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