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Effective Onboarding StrategiesA smooth onboarding process equips new hires with the tools necessary to succeed in their new position. A well-managed onboarding program begins the moment an offer is extended and ends when the new hire is classified as a functioning employee, able to perform the majority of the job! Retention and satisfaction rates in your organization are often a foregone conclusion. Actually, the results are decided even before you extend an offer, because your organization’s onboarding process will likely determine the success of its star talent recruits.

Well-managed onboarding programs are experience focused.

  • Onboarding is all about a positive new-hire experience. Think of Zappos. The onboarding process is focused on the culture!
  • Provide ongoing, clear, concise and consistent channels of communication
  • Does learning occurs at every level? Even experienced hires need to be acclimated to the culture. Find ways to challenge them and get them engaged.
  • New hires are aligned to key business strategies. All business speak aside, find ways to help new hires identify with the organizational goals and strategies in a sincere way.
  • Information is presented in easily-digestible amounts.

A carefully thought out onboarding checklist ensures success! Performance management includes many facets of employee growth, from providing the vision and guidance in career growth, team recognition, and onboarding practices within the team, to personal and professional development and ongoing performance feedback.


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