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With more generations working together  than ever before, you can often find advice for working with Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennials. But if you’re just entering the workforce, how do you feel about working with people the age of your older siblings, parents or even grandparents? Here’s how to build a strong career in an ever-changing business world AND connect with your colleagues at the same time. What is the difference in professional expectations between generations? That is, does your boss have the same expectations of you that you have of yourself? What does your job description really mean? What is your most valuable career asset?How To Succeed As a Millennial In The Workplace

What does my job description really mean?

You got the job! Congratulations! Now you need to find out how to succeed in your new workplace. It can be surprising to find out that your job description is just a shell of what your entire role can and should be. Always look for more projects, or a hole in processes that you can fill. As the saying goes, “Find a need, fill a need.” This tactic will build the core of your professional value.

Is this my big gig, or is it just temporary?

Your current job is temporary. As the world and workplace change, every employee should consider their current position as an opportunity to learn and develop their professional presence, personal effectiveness, and value.

Do I have the skills I need?

A recent Department of Education study shows that finding technically skilled employees or content-area experts is much easier than finding, fostering, and keeping employees who can master skills such as leading with credibility, communicating to manage performance, active listening, and other leadership skills.  So to answer this question, ask yourself, “Do I have the leadership skills that will put me ahead of the rest?”

Do connections really matter?

The hard truth is that your professional (and personal) reputation lead to stronger connections, and your value is often determined by your relationships. So holding yourself accountable for the results in all parts of your job, even the tasks you feel you are too experienced to handle, will become a building block in your value.

What’s the good news?

As one of the younger generations in a 4-generation workforce, you are the future. You are at the beginning of an exciting ride, and as you build your career, your leadership skills, personal effectiveness and professional presence, you will one day be leading the charge.

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