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Christine Riordan’s article, “Foster A Culture of Gratitude,” highlights three ways research shows how leaders can create a culture of gratitude when they develop, involve, and celebrate employees on a constant basis.

  1. Help Others Develop. Employees feel more engaged in the company culture when they have opportunities for growth and development. Conduct a survey to see which workshops create the most interest, or develop a leadership program for employees who wish to develop skills that will lead to promotions. If promotion opportunities are limited, create taskforces and new projects.
  2. Involve employees in decision-making. Take interest in your employees or coworkers. Learn their skills and hidden talents. Then, have them participate in discussions that involve their specialties. Studies show that when employees can use their skills in the workplace, it creates greater job satisfaction.
  3. Acknowledge and celebrate. Positive reinforcement is vital. It’s easy to spot when something is wrong, but also take note when something is done right. Give praise, rewards, and awards to employees who work hard and do their jobs well. It gives them a sense of pride. This is also a key component and skill in the Employee Development Systems Communicating To Manage Performance course.

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