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Employee EngagementThe level of commitment of an organization’s staff is a strong predictor of the organization’s success in the marketplace. Study after study has shown how valuable employee engagement is to companies in terms of:

  • Productivity
  • Customer engagement
  • Quality of work
  • Employee retention
  • Safety
  • Profit and share-holder returns

Just one such study of workplace engagement, the Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis found that “top-quartile business units have 12% higher customer advocacy, 18% higher productivity, and 12% higher profitability than bottom-quartile business units. Conversely, bottom-quartile business units experience 31% to 51% more employee turnover, 51% more inventory shrinkage, and 62% more accidents than those in the top quartile of workplace engagement.

Understanding the importance of employee engagement, or satisfaction is a step in the right direction, but creating a culture that promotes employee satisfaction requires more than understanding; it requires practical day-to day-action.

EDSI’s training is focused on providing practical advice that can change how business leaders view their work, their employees, and their customers. The training enhances:


Often viewed in a negative light, accountability, when implemented constructively, leads to increased employee engagement and satisfaction. When leaders involve employees in goal-setting and defining expectations, the employees are personally invested in their work and develop a greater sense of commitment to it. Management acknowledgement of contributions of employees leads to a greater sense of competency and involvement.


Effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal is essential to employee engagement on all levels. Communication that flows both ways, from the top down AND from the bottom up, and consists, not only of expressing opinions and ideas, but also in actively listening to the opinions and ideas of others, encourages involvement and Open, non-threatening communication allows risk-taking and leads to a culture that fosters innovation.

Personal Growth

Personal accountability and effective communication contribute, not only to the development of a strong team, but also to positive growth of each person on that team. Individuals are engaged when they can see their place in an organization, the value of their contributions, and their opportunities for personal growth within that organization. Recent research by Deloitte confirms that companies that are committed to training and career development, consistently outperform their peers.

It has long been understood that self-fulfillment is a strong human need. A culture that promotes setting challenging goals and that recognizes accomplishments and contributions builds self-confidence, which is a predictor of success in the workplace.


To be competitive an organization can no longer delegate the responsibility of assessing and raising the level of employees’ commitment and passion to the Department of Human Resources and an annual review process. A commitment to practices that raise employee engagement must permeate an organization’s culture everyday and at all levels. EDSI’s training will give your staff, from executive level through mid-management and on to the service personnel who interact with your customers daily, the tools to set goals, communicate openly, innovate, and simply, succeed. A successful workforce is a happy and engaged workforce.

Start raising your employee’s engagement today, by contacting EDSI at (800) 282-3374.



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