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Dear Suzanne,

Suzanne Updegraff, Employee Development Systems, Inc.As the general manager of a law firm, I am responsible for building and maintaining multiple teams, depending on the client and project. These days, law firms include many more roles than simply legal services. We often include an accountant, project manager, and outside content experts, depending on the case.

We have the age-old problem of how to build an effective team, and I’m looking for new insight and energy, so we can inject a true positive team atmosphere. Can you give me some advice?


Houston, TX

Dear Jake,

Your note is timely, because at EDSI we are excited about some new ideas about building a cohesive team, based on the New York Times best selling book by Patrick Lencioni, the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. See the diagram below to learn the basic elements of a cohesive team.

Pairing these core elements of a cohesive team with a solid, well-respected behavioral assessment is a winning combination for teams in almost any workplace setting.

As a matter of fact, EDSI is traveling to 11 cities this summer to share the latest research on teams, and how to make them work in your organization. I invite you to learn more and attend a 1/2 day, complimentary seminar in your city. EDSI is covering the costs, and it includes a continental breakfast.

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New Team Building Insights

I hope this information helps, and we meet you this summer!


Suzanne Updegraff

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