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 3 Core Requirements for Your Personal Brand

In the current workplace, who can’t harness and develop the core traits of professional presence will stagnate or lose ground, while others are embracing the new workplace and watching their careers (and lives) speed ahead.

Professional Presence is a dynamic blend of behavior and presentation. Competency in professional presence includes communication patterns, image, professional and social etiquette, dress, appearance, self-confidence, control, and personal and professional interactions. These qualities are quickly perceived the first time someone meets you.

It’s time to establish your personal brand to harness that elusive Professional Presence!

Your professional presence is your personal brand. It is how you convey your value to everyone you work with and every organization you work for. People
who have developed a robust, positive professional presence are the people who will advance in their career in the new workplace. Your brand influences the perception of your worth. That includes your sense of self-worth, your worth to peers and managers, and your worth to the organization.

Learn the core traits that will make you profesionally (and personally!) successful. 

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