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While finding information used to be a challenge. These days we have an information deluge, and distilling what is out there has become the top priority. -So we’re distilling these top career-related posts.  Here are 6 ways to help your career and improve your professional presence.

The 1 Habit to Improve Career Success and Professional Presence

Believe it or not, table manners are one of the best ways for employers to test your trustworthiness. Regardless of what your position is, table manners say a lot about how you function in a formal or tense situation.

Is Professional Presence Really that Valuable? 

Professional presence is a cornerstone of career and personal effectiveness. Although I think most people agree that dress codes can be a sensitive subject in the current cross-generational workforce, does it really merit an entire course?

What Skill Is Key to Presidential Behavior? 

You may not be a US President, but the qualities that belie their success and effectiveness embody the characteristics that EDSI includes in it programs and materials related to our core programs of professional presencepersonal effectiveness and communicating to manage performance. And there is one characteristic on the list that without it, ensures the complete ineffectiveness of a presidency. Here is what makes our presidents effective (and ineffective)

Professionalism Across the Generations

Just as understanding your company’s culture helps you to communicate and navigate within that framework, being self-aware and learning to understand others’ perspectives will make you more effective at work, regardless of what generation you represent.

3 Reasons Employee Development Takes a Back Seat 

You make a good point, but the easy solution is right in front of us. Employers hesitate to invest in employees who may already have one foot out the door, and employees who lack career direction, mentoring and training leave at a higher rate. It is certainly a vicious circle.  Here are some reasons training sometimes takes a back seat:

 3 Simple Steps to Moving Ahead in Your Career (& Life)

Let’s face it.  None of us are irreplaceable.  This is even more true in a job market where the employer has the upper hand.  People are often laid off or downright fired for reasons that are totally beyond their control.

So let’s look at what we actually can control.

Boost Personal Effectiveness

Employee Development Systems, Inc. (EDSI) has been resolving employee development, leadership, generational, professional presence, and personal effectiveness issues for over 30 years, and she is ready to tackle any question you have.


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