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Do you have a job that is fulfilling? A home life that brings you joy? Do you have needs or desires that are unmet? Skills and talents that are underutilized? If you want to contemplate a change of direction or you just want to get a better sense of who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are, then give yourself the gift of an online personality test.

An online personality test is extremely useful to anyone who wants to improve career development, increase professionalism in the workplace, or even just communicate better with coworkers or family members. The test helps employees to better understand themselves and what makes them tick.

There are many different kinds of online personality tests. Which one is right for you?


1. Coping and Stress Profile

Answer questions online to get to the root of what causes stress in your life and how you currently manage that stress. Learn new coping techniques to improve your workplace performance and increase your overall happiness and satisfaction.

2. Dimensions of Leadership Profile

This online personality test will help you to get to the bottom of exactly what kind of leader you want to be as well as what types of mentors will best help you on your leadership journey. Do you need to increase your collaboration with others? Boost your enthusiasm? Better model your integrity? This test can help you determine the direction you need to go in order to lead others more effectively.

3. DiSC Classic

Take this test to get an overall picture of your basic personality and behavior patterns, focusing on dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. These four dimensions of personality can explain a wide range of performance in your job, from personal effectiveness to professionalism in the workplace. It can also explain a great deal about your personal and professional relationships and give you important insights about how to navigate both.

4. Time Mastery Profile

Do you need a more specific online personality test? This particular test could be useful if you are a procrastinator or if you are super busy with many different balls in the air. It can specifically assess how you manage time now and what your weak areas are. Then the test will give you specific advice about how to restructure your days for maximum efficiency.

These are just a few of the online personality tests that EDSI offers.

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