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How To Increase Workplace EffectivenessAccording to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, as much as 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. As if that isn’t bad enough, now consider what percentage of leaders are likely dissatisfied.

With that in mind, you can imagine that with the unique and extreme challenges leaders have had to face over the last few years, they are probably just as dissatisfied as the people they are managing. With most employees (and likely their leaders) languishing in a pit of job dissatisfaction, organizations need to make sure employee outlook stops raining on the success of the organization.

Why are people so dissatisfied?

1. Lack of mission or purpose.

We are all driven by a sense of purpose. Are you instilling purpose in your employees? If they can see the underlying reason behind your decisions, and therefore their own jobs, they will automatically give more, and impact the workplace with positive productivity.

2. No recognition given.

Many managers make a point of mentioning the successes of a particular team member in front of their peers. This is just one way to recognize effort. Next time send a personal email or leave a hand-written note on a desk. This kind of gesture will cut into about 15 minutes of your busy day, but will pay off exponentially in positive performance. Note: Remeber to use i-statements, both for positive and negative feedback or recognition!

3. What’s my impact?

What is the actual impact of each person on your team? Can you state that impact in one or two sentences? Better yet, can they? Use 10 minutes at your next weekly meeting to pose the question and have each of them reply. If they can’t do it at a moment’s notice, help them crystallize their own impact, so it is always on the tip of their tongue –and yours!

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