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While a having a great resume, work experience and knowledge are important factors in hiring a new employee, personal traits will make the difference between hiring someone who will be adequate, and someone who will be great.

Research into the top personal traits that an employer looks for reveals some interesting lists, with several traits showing up repeatedly.

An recent article by the Society for Human Resource Management sites eight personal qualities that can help a manager spot a star employee.  These qualities are key to honing your professional presence and personal effectiveness. How many of these qualities do you embrace? How about your team members?

Key Traits of Star Players

  • Speaking up to offer ideas or opinions
  • Displaying modesty
  • Challenging “magic bullet” solutions
  • Practicing introspection
  • Recognizing the importance of customers
  • Engaging with customers
  • Avoiding the over-use of jargon
  • Remaining accessible

Service as a Business Model

Star players also use every day to work in service of others. When you are preparing for a busy day, take a moment to reframe all of your activities as a service to a key stakeholder group.Do You Have the Personal Traits of a Star Performer?

How about the production team that has grown tired of each other over months of a difficult product rollout? Refresh the dynamic by entering your next meeting with a service mentality. Research shows that doing something kind for others increases the oxytocin developed in both the giver and receiver’s brain. And the people surrounding the act of service, such as the other team members? They also receive a bump in oxytocin, a hormone that has been shown to increase empathy and trust, while decreasing fear.

Learn these and other key skills in this new infographic from Employee Development Systems, Inc. We have been helping people become the most effective form of themselves in their careers and personal lives for over 30 years.

What skill set do you need to succeed in today’s workplace?

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