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How to Find Personal Productivity in the Midst of Jet LagWith today’s pervasive technology, it is easier than ever to conduct business globally without leaving the office, or sometimes, without leaving home. However, sometimes in-person contact is essential, and business travel becomes unavoidable. If it is a short domestic flight, then it may be fairly easy to show up relaxed and ready for work. But if international travel becomes necessary, is it possible to jump off an overnight flight and jump into a full day of meetings with professional presence?

How to Find Personal Productivity in the Midst of Jet Lag

1. Get Some Sleep

It is pretty near impossible to step off an overnight international flight feeling fresh and well rested. But if you maximize your sleep, then you can boost your personal productivity. Right after you eat the evening meal on the flight, start preparing for sleep by using the restroom, brushing your teeth, and possibly even changing into more comfortable loungewear. Pack your carry-on with materials that will help you get a decent amount of sleep despite the cramped conditions. An extra blanket or inflatable pillow, a face mask, earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones are all options. Don’t let yourself treat the flight as a time to catch up on all the latest new releases but rather as a time to sleep and rest after dinner. This maximizes your chance of staying awake the whole next day and getting into the groove of a different time zone more easily.

2. Freshen Up

You can also improve your personal productivity by playing a few mind games. Pack a clean shirt and some travel size body wipes, deodorant, and mouthwash in your carry-on bag so that you can clean up after landing at your destination. Feeling clean can help you feel more awake and alert than if you stay in the same clothes that you slept in scrunched in an airplane seat the night before.

3. Get Fresh Air and Fluids

If you are still having trouble waking up for those international meetings and you are worried about your professional presence after just a few hours of sleep, try to get some fresh air by walking around a little bit after you reach your destination and getting your respiratory and circulatory systems fully activated. This will increase blood flow to your brain and body and increase both cognition and well-being. Drinking a little caffeine might help with your energy level, but don’t overdo it. Instead, hydrate with plenty of water and eat well-balanced meals to maximize personal productivity.

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