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Personal Effectiveness and Your Career Path

There is a seemingly innocent little word that can cause great damage to your job prospects and career path, according to a recent CNN article. “Try” seems innocuous, but for current employers and potential bosses, it can raise serious red flags.

Why? Perhaps it is because “try” seems to lack real commitment. Along your career path, there will not be too many circumstances when it is okay to dabble endlessly. In today’s business world, it is important to pick a path and commit to it. There may be detours along the way, perhaps even U-turns, but most employers expect action rather than introspection. Saying you will try to accomplish something is just not the same as deciding to accomplish something and then following through.

Go Beyond Trying to Boost Personal Effectiveness


1. Bite the Bullet.

Most of us have trouble making things happen at times. We procrastinate. We overanalyze. We waffle. We seek to know all the answers before taking action. But the truth is, sometimes you need to just do it. We can’t know everything in advance, and so often we learn by doing, by trial and error. So if something needs to be done in your life or in your job, take a leap of faith and just do it. Often you will find direction after you take the first few steps.

2. Be Willing to Be Wrong.

Often, fear is what holds us back on our career path. If we aren’t willing to stick out our necks, make mistakes, take responsibility from our actions, and learn, then we are probably not living up to our potential as employees or even as people. To some extent, personal effectiveness stems from confidence and bravery.

3. Know Yourself.

In order to effectively bypass inaction and an endless cycle of trying but not achieving, one of the best things you can do to improve your personal effectiveness is simply to know yourself. Take the time to understand your own motivations and priorities, your own strengths and weaknesses. You can achieve more if you know what you are working with and what you are working against. And if you understand your own priorities, then it is easier to commit to specific actions that will move you forward along your career path.

Increase Personal Effectiveness

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