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winter work wearWhen the temperature drops, it’s difficult to get out of your warm bed in the morning, let alone consider wearing anything except sweatpants (and maybe a Snuggie) into the office. Unfortunately, loungewear isn’t generally acceptable as winter work wear, so you need to find a way to dress professionally while still staying warm and comfortable.

Here are a few tried and true cold weather fashion tips to last you through the winter.

Professionalism Style Tips for Chilly Weather

1. Scarves

A good scarf will last for years, and it will add color, style and personal flair to your wardrobe while keeping you toasty in the office and outside.

2. Sweaters

A soft, well-made lamb’s wool or cashmere sweater never goes out of style, for men or women. Buy one in a basic color that matches well with clothes you have — white, beige, gray or black — or select a bold solid color like blue, green or cranberry to make an impression. Layer it under a blazer or coat for a sharp, professional look.

3. Peacoat

You won’t regret purchasing a classic peacoat in a color you love (navy, black, gray and camel are all great choices, but bright colors can also be a good mood-booster). Find one that is tailored and made of a warm material, and you will use it for years to come.

4. Cardigans

Cardigans have long been a staple in women’s winter work wear, but fashion-forward men are also now adopting this fashion. For women, layer a button-down or zip-up cardigan over a blouse, skirt and tights; for men, over a button-down shirt, tie and pants.

5. Tall Boots

A pair of comfortable, calf-high black boots is the best winter fashion investment a professional woman can make. They look fashionable with leggings and dresses or skirts, and you can wear them with thick socks and keep your feet and legs warm all day.

6. Trench Coat

A mid-thigh or knee-length trench in tan, navy blue or black has a classic silhouette and looks good with everything in your work wardrobe. Wear it on rainy days to keep yourself dry and warm.

What professionalism style tips do you swear by in the winter? What is your favorite item of clothing for the office on a cold day?


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