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Create A Green WorkplaceMoving into a new year, it is a good time for reassessing and thinking about what direction you will steer your business and your career development in 2013. Is it the year to pursue continuing education? Is it the year to apply for that promotion? Is now the time to consider a move into a different role or a way to expand or shift your existing job to incorporate more of your skills and passions? Is this the year to take the lead on creating a green workplace?

Benefits of a Green Workplace

1. Save Money.

With a mindset of conservation, you can help your workplace increase efficiency, decrease waste, and even save money. Is 2013 the year to begin to gradually replace the company fleet with more fuel-efficient vehicles? Is now the time to institute a company-wide or even just unit-wide policy to print on boh sides of the printer paper or replace burned out incandescent bulbs with fluorescent light? Inspire your coworkers with simple ways in which a green workplace can save money while helping the planet.

2. Save Time.

A simple, streamlined green workplace may include basic systems such as paper-free memos and similar things which can not only reduce paper usage but can also decrease the need for file storage space and reduce the time needed to maintain a paper filing system.

3. Save Customers.

In today’s busy world, most families are not able to incorporate as many environmentally friendly practices into their daily lives as they would like to. So many potential customers are especially attracted to companies that run a green workplace because it helps them feel like they are doing their part in protecting the planet.

4. Set Yourself Apart.

If you are looking for a way to step outside the box and distinguish yourself in your career development, consider taking on a project like spearheading a green workplace initiative if that is an area of interest and passion for you.  According to a recent Forbes article, some of the first steps are getting coworkers on board, implementing directly cost-saving measures that are also good for the environment, prioritizing green goals, and continuing to learn more and share more with others in your industry.

How can you take a few small steps to create greener office? Share your ideas in the comments!

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