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Professionalism In The Workplace At office PartiesEvery office culture is different, so professionalism in the workplace at one place of business may look very different from another. This is true in terms of communication, performance, and even the way that people dress. Indeed, your dress for success look in one place may be way too casual or too formal for another job. So as you think about the upcoming company holiday party, keep the culture of your own office in mind as you find the right dress or the right tie to put you at your best advantage.

Partying with Professionalism in the Workplace

1. Dress Up, Not Down

Some businesses have events such as tacky Christmas sweater competitions. But if this is not the culture of your company, then you may wish to forego items that can only be worn once each year and instead simply dress in a nicer, more festive way than you do on an ordinary work day. So men might add a tie or jacket to the typical workday attire, and women might add a scarf, heels, and jewelry to dress up an outfit. Or for a more formal event, nicer suits or dresses might be the norm. And only you can know for sure if the gaudy Santa tie would be appropriate or not. If this is your first year with the company, perhaps leave the Santa tie at your desk until you get a chance to scope out the other ties at the party, or ask a trusted co-worker about the unspoken dress code in advance.

2. Keep Under Wraps

Generally, the office party is still a time when professionalism in the workplace is important, even for an off-site party. The best idea is to dress and act appropriately and drink only moderately, so that you can avoid being the hot new item of gossip around the water cooler the next day.

3. Socialize Strategically

In addition for thinking about how to dress for success, you might also want to consider that the annual holiday party could be an excellent time to meet people who will help boost you on your career path. If possible, introduce yourself to different people and find out more about your co-workers. Casual conversation at the holiday party could lead to new collaboration, mentorship, and many other positive career benefits.

How do you dress for success at the company holiday party?

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