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Having Trouble Working From Home?In theory, it sounds amazing to work from home. Putting your feet up in your pajamas, sipping a steaming mug of coffee, blasting music, and being amazingly productive. Or maybe slipping out to write that performance review with some warm sand between your toes.

In reality, though, if you ever work from home, you must have amazing amounts of self-discipline to ignore the dirty dishes, the unfolded laundry, the unwalked dog, the unopened mail, and the Netflix queue. Now, if you have a boss who lets you occasionally work from home if you have a sick kid or who encourages work-life balance by letting you make up the time from that soccer game from home, then staying at home to finish the last bit of that report may be the best plan. But if you more regularly work outside of the office, then you might benefit from a slightly less distracting venue that will help you create productive work habits.

Work From Home – Away From Home

1. Take your laptop to a bookstore or library.

2. Bring that employee development book to the coffee shop.

3. Listen to voicemails in your car.

4. Catch up on phone calls on the hiking trail.

5. Bring a notebook to brainstorm on a park bench.

6. Camp out with your computer in a friend’s study or on their couch – just don’t get distracted by socializing!

7. Find a quiet corner to study at the airport.

8. Become a regular of the off hours at a local restaurant.

9. Use the voice recorder on your phone to record the flow of new ideas on a bike ride.

10. Meet with your development team over sushi.

Sometimes a change of scenery can simply do wonders for your productivity and focus, and if you do it right, it can be more fun and more productive than being tied to the same cubicle all day long. On the flip side, if work takes place anywhere and anytime, then it is harder to avoid than if it all took place at the office. If you work at home, or at a home away from home, be certain to create some clear boundaries for yourself in order to maintain the best work-life balance for you.

Where is your favorite place to work outside of the office?

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