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Navigate Your Career Change With an Online Personality TestWhen you know, you know. Sometimes you just know that whatever modifications or adjustments you might make, the status quo just isn’t right for you. Maybe it isn’t the right field for you, or perhaps it isn’t the right company for you, or maybe you are just in the wrong position at the right company.

Whatever career change you may be contemplating, it is best to put some serious thought into your next move. Some people find it helpful to discuss their ideas and plans with family and friends. Others like the privacy of journaling or talking to a therapist. And many employees benefit from taking an online personality test or other career quiz to give them a little direction. If you are still pondering how to move forward and craft a more fulfilling work life, here are some resources to get you started.

Online Personality Tests and Other Resources

1. An online personality test can help illuminate your strengths and weaknesses as well as your typical methods of dealing with conflicts at work. Armed with this information, you may find it easier to get a handle on what changes you might wish to make at your existing job, or what types of jobs might be a better fit for your own unique personality and skill set. Employee Development Systems offers a wide variety of online personality tests to best fit your needs.

2. Career Builder offers a variety of online resources for navigating your current career path or striking out anew in a completely different direction. Need to think more about your job satisfaction? Check out this quiz. Curious about fields that might fit you well? Try this quiz to help give you direction for your career change.

3. One of the most popular books for career changers and others thinking about finding the best possible job fit is called What Color is Your Parachute: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers. The author has been editing this popular guide every year for decades, and it continues to be very relevant for the current economic climate and today’s job seekers.

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