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Exercise To Boost Pay At WorkAre you looking for ways to boost your income in today’s uncertain times? One thing you can do is start to exercise. Yes, research shows that exercise boosts the average American man’s salary by 6 percent annually and the average American woman’s salary by 10 percent annually. Why such a jump in income from simply breaking a sweat?

1. Exercise boosts overall health and mood.

People who are healthier and happier tend to have more personal effectiveness and motivation. If you incorporate exercise, you will notice a difference in your energy and efficiency, according to the article.

2. Exercise clears the head.

Basically, exercise gives you a chance to take a break, get a change of scenery, clear your head, and switch problems from the conscious to the unconscious mind, allowing you to come back fresh and with more personal effectiveness than before.

3. Exercise promotes creativity.

That’s right, physically switching gears between tasks with exercise can improve personal effectiveness and job performance by improving your brain’s problem-solving capabilities and opening your channels of creativity. This makes you more competitive in the workplace.

But how can you incorporate exercise into your already full days? Tweaking your overall work-life balance to allow for more “me time” is one surefire way to boost performance and health and decrease burnout. If that just isn’t possible at the moment, here are some other ways to incorporate exercise.

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Lift hand weights at your desk when you are on the phone.

3. Start a walking or running group with a few co-workers during your lunch hour.

4. Set the alarm 20 minutes early to allow time for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

How do you incorporate exercise? Share your ideas!


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