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Does Being Single Improve Employment?There is a staggering difference in the economic recovery between single people and married people. According to a recent CNN Money article, singles have regained 90 percent of the 5 million jobs that demographic lost during the recession. People who are married and unemployed have only regained 22 percent of their lost jobs.

Some of this difference can be fairly easily explained away. With two potential wage earners in one household, someone who is married may not need to rush back into the workplace as quickly as someone who is single. Married people may be able to afford to wait for a better situation, for a better salary. But if you are looking for a job, what are the factors that seem to boost the employability of young, single workers?

Career Development Lessons From Single Workers

1. Flexibility

One of the major factor that sets single workers apart is their flexibility. Their willingness to work different shifts, travel, work on holidays, relocate, or take on different job responsibilities can be very attractive to potential employers. According to the article, “that flexibility opens up more job opportunities – even if they’re not necessarily better ones.” If you are married or more set in your ways, think before you go into your job interview. What areas can you be more flexible about, and what are your needs as a prospective employee that are less flexible?

2. Openness

Single workers are likely to be younger and less experienced. This may make such employees open to a wider variety of workplace experiences and job roles rather than holding out longer for what they see as the ideal job. They are likely to be more comfortable with fluidity in their employment. Once employed within a company, these employees may then evaluate their strengths and weaknesses within their current position and then continually shift their career development in a different direction as needed. What kinds of new employment experiences can you make yourself open to?

3. Creativity

Younger single workers are likely to be more open to learning new skills or thinking about their career development in new ways. They are less enmeshed in the status quo, so their insight can be valuable.  How can you begin to think outside the box and improve your employability?

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