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Are you hoping to climb higher up the career ladder? A landmark new book suggests that success in your career and in your life may depend on how likeable you are. That’s right. If you worry less about your resume, your status, and your achievements and more about how nice you are to others, you are more likely to advance your career. Here are a few tips from Rohit Bhargava’s book, Likeonomics: The Unexpeced Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior and Inspiring Action.

Likeability Leads to Career Development

1. “Find Your Humility

Your colleagues are more likely to respect and honor your achievements and your leadership if you behave in a humble manner and continue to put your company first and your team first rather than tooting your own horn. It is important to stand up for yourself if you need to, but it most cases it is more effective to let your worth speak for itself.

2. “Own a Point of View

Being a leader means taking other opinions and viewpoints into account but ultimately bringing your own unique ideas to the table and standing up for what you believe in with assertive confidence rather than aggressiveness. Ultimately, you want to keep an open mind while also being true to yourself.

3. “Simplify

Studies show that most people value those who talk less, listen more, and use straightforward language more than individuals who try to impress others with their boastful language. As a result, being a leader often means listening more than talking, and it means not trying to talk over someone’s head.

4. “Share Your Secrets

One major way to boost your likeability and improve your career development is to be more open with others about yourself. Coworkers are likely to respond better to you if they can see you as a real person who has faced and overcome challenges on your way to success. They are more likely to trust and respect someone who is human than someone who refuses to show weakness.

5. “Mind Your Timing

When you are trying to move your career development forward, be aware of the events and people around you. Situate your ideas within a broader context than your own career path, and be considerate of others as you move forward.

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