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Are you trying to boost your performance at work? One excellent way to do so is to showcase your creative thinking. Wait, creativity is something that people are just born with, right?

Perhaps you’re uncertain about whether you can even come up with a viable solution to the problems of the next departmental meeting. Maybe you’re pretty sure that you’re not going to win the award for workplace innovation this year. But according to an article by Evangelia Chrysikou in the July / August 2012 issue of “Scientific American Mind,” we can give our brains a little boost. Indeed, “we can all boost our creative potential.” Neurological research shows that there are indeed practical steps that we can all take towards the goal of increasing our creative thinking skills. Simple concepts such as keeping an open mind and trying new things are ways to get your brain out of a rut. Want to learn more?

10 Creative Thinking Tips for Everyone

1. “Become an expert.

The more widely you research a problem, the better prepared you are to engage in true workplace innovation.

2. “Observe.

Keeping your eyes open to the world around you is a great technique for boosting creative thinking.

3. “Know your audience.

Cast a wide net as you brainstorm, but narrow your ideas by the specific necessary characteristics that the solution needs.

4. “Step out of your comfort zone.

Do new and different things. Do old things in a new and different way.

5. “Be willing to work alone.

You are likely to have the best creative thinking potential in the beginning of a project when you are brainstorming on your own.

6. “Talk to outsiders about your work.

People in different areas and different fields can offer a new perspective on the same old problems.

7. “Have fun.

Research shows that a happy mind could increase your capacity to make new connections.

8. “Take a nap or let your mind wander.

Both your conscious and unconscious mind can engage in problem solving, so take advantage of both!

9. “Take a break.

Even the most efficient employees need to reboot their brains from time to time. Refocus on the problem later after you’ve had a break.

10. “Challenge yourself.

Start from scratch, let go of your inhibitions, do whatever you need to do to get yourself on the right creative track.

According to the article, the bottom line is that in order to be truly creative and innovative, we need to step off of our beaten paths and start thinking in new ways. “People tend towards
safe routes, yet safety is not conducive to radical new solutions.”

10 Creative Thinking Tips for Workplace Innovation

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